Friday, April 27, 2012

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Monday, April 2, 2012

Etsy Metal Blog Carnival- Nobody's Perfect!

"Nobody's Perfect!"
Care to share a piece of your work that did not turn out quite as beautiful as you had planned?
Perhaps you have an interesting experience that went awry...
Do tell!

That’s hard to say too, because even when a piece doesn’t come out like I may have intended, or fell apart, or just looked weird, I still learned something from making it. But if I have to choose, I’d pick Ring A Day #37 (and hope that #37 doesn’t feel insulted!) I like it least because of the craftsmanship. (Let's not even talk about the crappy photo.) It was lumpy and not filed and sanded very well. However, it was also a turning point, because I started to realize that even if I’m making a quick ring or a simple ring, it should be done well. That’s when I started looking more closely at what I was doing and trying to work harder on the technical aspects. Not that everything I do comes out perfectly, but that I have that more as a goal now. Thank you #37. 

This piece is copper, forged, woven, enameled - 3" long by 2" wide
Well, I like this piece, but it really wasn't at all what I intended. I started out with a strip of copper with 2 rectangles on the ends and my plan was to forge the skinny part till it curved which I did and that was successful. But the ends were going to be parallel to each other and I was going to stamp a design on them and it was going to be a pendant. But... the piece was really too big. Also, when I forged it the rectangles curved into each other instead of being parallel. However they curved into each other enough to cut them into strips and weave them. But... next time I would make the strips longer and cut off the excess, because of the overlapping I ran out of length on the one side so I had to cut off one of the end strips. You can see that the right side only has 3 strips while the left has 4.

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