Wednesday, May 25, 2011


TADA #135/365 5/17/11 by markasky

I'm finding that right now, I'm not so much needing inspiration or making new things (although that really is ongoing) but more so that I need some sort of organization. 
 Last year, I had gone to a workshop on how to sell your art with Jason Horejs, the owner  of Xanadu gallery, in Scottsdale, AZ.
One of the many, many things that he talked about was portfolios. And you know, I know what a portfolio is, but you know, I don't have one. And I started thinking... why don't I have one?!
 So I am spending some time going through my pictures and creating a portfolio. I'm just doing a few a day and I'm also hoping that it will organize what I have in my mind. I can see what I make and finally start creating some of those collections!!
I have done several workshops with Jason. The 'selling your art' one was in person, here in CA and it was fantastic. He is very professional and every minute of those 3 hours was packed full of very useful info. He also, regularly, does free or very low cost webinars and if you happen to miss them, he has them on his website so you can listen to them whenever you want.  His book 'Starving to Successful' is basically his 'How to sell your art' workshop. Very easy to read and lots of useful info.
Here's a link to his website and specifically to his free broadcasts. Xanadu Gallery

TADA #135/365 5/17/11, a photo by markasky on Flickr.


  1. Thanks. Evelyn. This looks very interesting and useful - and I love those cuffs!

  2. Thanks, Cindy, check out xanadu's site... so much info!!

  3. So do you recommend buying his book?

  4. Looking forward to seeing your printed portfolio Evelyn! Thanks for the info on the Xanadu website, I will check it out.