Thursday, August 4, 2011

Etsy Metal is a group I belong to on Etsy. There are many inspirational challenges to be able to take part in with the group. You may have seen some of the blog carnivals on here, where each month there is a topic and various member will reply to the topic in their blog and then we link our blogs together so readers can get a bigger perspective and we all get to learn more about each other. There is also a monthly theme where members create a piece of jewelry based on the guidelines of the theme. 

Then there is the Project Runway challenge that starts when the show begins its series. EtsyMetal plays along with the challenges and invites others to participate as well. The day after the show airs there is a translation of the challenge on the EM blog. Participants have one week to make a piece and must submit it by midnight of the next Thursday, when the show airs.

From Etsy Metal Project Runway challenge. 
And the Challenge is... 
The designers had to use the clothes they slept in the night before plus one of their bedsheets to create a new look. They also had access to dye and trimmings. 

For our EtsyMetal Translation: 
Since this challenge was all about using what you have in an unexpected way, and since most of us don’t sleep in jewelry, the challenge this week is to make something only from material that is sitting on your bench! If you don’t have a bench or access to your studio, then choose another area like your desk. Since the designers got a sheet, we get some sheet metal. You are welcome to use enhancements like stones from your supplies. But the final piece should be made of a majority of your found pieces if possible

The green skirt is my 'sheet' metal, formed in my dapping block to create folds, enameled bitter green. The waist piece is from a domed copper disk that long ago, I had melted out the middle of, then enameled. The top part is from a copper tube that I had tried to squash and collapse in my vise, also enameled. Interestingly enough the way it collapsed made some nice boobs for the top part of the outfit! Scrap 14 gauge wire holds them together and makes the legs. Some netting I had left over from texturing metal in my rolling mill creates the crinoline underskirt. 

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