Monday, September 3, 2012

EtsyMetal Blog Carnival ~ September 2, 2012 "Pets"

Etsy Metal Blog Carnival
Topic: "Pets"

Please share your pets with us! Pictures, stories, new pets, old pets, dogs, cats, ants, anything that has ever lived in your house that wasn't human, be they friend or foe!

Right now I have 2 Australian cattle dog mutts, Lucy and Sparky. They are the funniest dogs I have ever seen. They'll play tug-o-war and Lucy will lay on her side, dead weight, and Sparky will drag her around the house. 

Before Lucy & Sparky we had a chow/yellow lab mix named Chris. He was a great dog. The lab/chow mix had him a bit confused though. Chows don't like the water and labs love it, so when we would take him to the beach he'd want to go in the water, but he'd only go in up to his doggie knees. It was a sad day when he died at age 13.

I have 3 sons, so we've done the pet circuit... we've had parakeets – Shim 1, 2, and 3. My son didn't know how to tell if they were male or female, so he took the 'sh' from she, and the 'im' from him = 'Shim." And we've had hamsters, bunnies, goldfish, and a giant 7' iguana named Noddy. That was interesting. He kept attacking one of my sons. And their poop is like giant bird poop.

On the uninvited side, we've had ants, rats, gophers, raccoons, possums, moths, spiders, skeeter eaters, mosquitoes, blue jays, sparrows, and an occasional squirrel.

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  2. Thanks! You know boxer has been my choice for a dog for a long time!