Monday, February 21, 2011

Why Ring A Week?- Blog Carnival

Our first RAW Blog Carnival!
What was your inspiration for participating in RAW?

RAD #1
Near the end of Ring A Day a feeling of relief settled in, shortly followed by a feeling of panic. I was tired of making a ring a day, but I wasn't tired of getting on my computer everyday to see what everyone made, and hearing what comments and support I was getting for my Ring of the Day. It was a little scary to think about losing the connections that were formed. It made working alone in my studio a friendlier place. 

RAW #1

So when Tomi suggested a Ring A Week, well, it seemed like the perfect follow up. Here was a chance to stay connected, and have the time to actually think about and work on more complex ideas or a series of rings. I had gotten some great ideas from RAD, but I really didn't want to make any more pasta or dryer lint rings. It is really fun and inspiring to belong to a group like this sharing a common interest and to have developed so many friendships with people all over the world. It almost seems odd to have such supportive, inspiring, and good friends that I have never met face-to-face. The internet is an amazing place!!  Somehow we should get a group photo!!

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  1. Is it noon PST already or you're up early?
    Well, once again I completely agree with you! Staying connected with all of you was one of the main reasons to participate in RAW.
    The group photo idea is great, maybe we could arrange it somehow!

  2. Hahahah dryer lint rings, I love it!

  3. Maria I was up late!! I have a really busy day today and I was afraid I would forget to do it!

    Lana (I hope I got your name right!) I have lots of dryer lint... I could make quite a collection of dryer lint rings!! Someday I will probably throw it out!!

  4. RAW is such a fun group! I look forward each week to seeing what you come up with. Love your work!

  5. The drier lint rings, bet those were interesting. Now I will look at doing the laundry completely different again--had to convince the kids to toss the lint, no we didn't need to save it for making paper, Im not telling them about the ring idea! lol

  6. Agree also about getting to know new artists. I am happy to know you and your wonderful work !!

  7. Rebecca this really is so much fun!!
    Laura, please let me know if you need dryer lint, I would be happy to send you some!! I don't know why I can't throw it away!!!!
    Lorena it is so good to be getting to know you and your work too!!

  8. I couldn't stand the thought of not seeing everyone's new work when RAD ended, too. I never could have gotten through the year without all of you. YAY for RAW!

  9. Oh my this is why I am here! To read what you just wrote and be happy because I feel the same way and so... here's one more YAY for RAW :))

  10. Being an artist is such a solitary pursuit, thank goodness we are all in this together!

  11. As a texture girl, your work totally appeals to me, draws me in....inspires me! So glad you are participating.

  12. I love your fold formed rings! and a group photo would be a pretty amazing challenge...hhhmmmm :)

  13. When I read everyone say "ring-a-day", I'm stunned. That definitely takes the challenge to a whole new level entirely! Glad you decided to participate in this one, and I look forward to what you have to create!

  14. Funny how a year of faceless contact can form such strong attachments isn't it! I say we all take a photo against a white wall and I'll convince my hubby to photoshop them together. :)

  15. I agree with you about the internet. I often think when things are going great that it's a miracle for connection and inspiration. Do you remember what you did with yourself before you had a computer? Sometimes I really feel like I am living two lives, and one is virtual but almost more real because of the intensity of the excitement and goodness connected to it.

    I have to say too that I like to do laundry by color and every time I get the individual colors of lint, all perfect and fluffy, I always want to keep them for some art project I might make. . . someday. That must mean we are artists?