Tuesday, March 1, 2011

RAD Returns!! Congratulations to Erin

RAD 365_02-28-2010(2)
#365 Erin Austin!!
Just when you thought it was safe to not have to think about a ring a day again... well, Erin Austin (AKA Toopa http://www.flickr.com/photos/82626320@N00/ has just completed her 365th ring!!

It was no small feat completing RAD for any of us, but it did make it a little easier when you had a group of people doing it with you, looking everyday, and commenting regularly. Even though Erin didn't finish all of her rings by December 31, 2010, she continued to make a ring a day and post them to the RAD Flickr group, all alone.
Many of us kept watching her progress and I'll tell you, I feel like an anxious relative waiting for the baby to be born!!

Congratulations, Erin!! I'll start passing out cigars now!!
RAD 362_02-25-2010
RAD 335_01-31-2010(2)

For more congratulations go to: http://www.metalriot.blogspot.com/


  1. Evelyn, thanks so much! Your support and encouragement really helped along the way. So happy we had a chance to meet through RAD!

  2. You are both awesome people! Congratulations, even though I don't know you Erin.