Thursday, March 17, 2011

Crazy Life

What a week. Major earthquakes, thousands of people dying, tsunamis, tsunamis where I live, part of Pacific Coast Highway 1 falling into the ocean... This stuff paralyzes me. Everything seems so fragile. When you get down to it, we are flying around in space  on this planet, god knows what can happen out there.

Event Horizon TADA # 57
We could fall through a black hole!
I start to feel insignificant. My art seems to feel insignificant. How can I do something so insignificant when there are so many scary things going on? But even a better question is how long can I hold on to all of this fear.

My answer is... not very long.

And my insignificant art starts to take on a new meaning. I do it, because not to do it would be insanity. I would get lost in my fear of crashing into a meteorite or California falling into the ocean. I can't live like that. I go into my studio and start to work and I get absorbed, I forget about being afraid, and I play. I do what I can in the world to help and I live my life.

Part of living my life is making art.

Today I got to break out of my fear and do a metal class with 3 almost 9-year old friends who all share the same birthday. We spent a couple of hours in my studio and they made several pendants, played with my dogs, had cupcakes, and French hot chocolate! Fun prevailed and it felt good!

The beginning of some fold form pendants

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