Thursday, June 9, 2011

No Photos Today

So I got a new camera, Canon Rebel T3i, the latest edition of that series -- cool -- one might think... but after 2 days of trying to figure out why I couldn't open raw format pictures, I found out that my operating system on my mac is too old to use the software that came with the camera that would open the raw files.

Aughhh. Why is everything so difficult!!?!

So my option is to spend another hundred for the upgrade and another 150 to have it installed -- unless, of course I feel comfortable doing the upgrade myself... which of course they made me not feel comfortable doing myself...

...or after talking with Canon support, I found out that the Canon T2i will work on my operating system!! So, I opted for taking my camera back and exchanging it for the T2i, which is almost identical to the T3i, except that it's not the latest edition and will work with my operating system. The view finder doesn't rotate out... I can live with that... and I think the recording features are better... that's ok too! It's also $100 cheaper. So I made the switch today... although the T2i wasn't in stock so they had to order it. It will be in on the 15th.

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